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Smart Grid


Toshiba Smart Grid

Smart Grid is the next generation energy supply system that fuses power supply and communication infrastructures. Smart Grid uses power and communication networks to connect homes, offices, and factories (consumers) to multiple distributed power providers (small-scale power generators) such as solar, wind, fuel cells, and facilities that store generated power. This makes it possible to provide power according to demand by tracking and predicting in real time the power demands of consumers. We expect to efficiently use the power we can generate, reduce transmission loss, and stabilize the power supply by using communications technology to control the system and balance the supply and demand of electricity. In addition, creating a smart demand and response link between consumers and power sources will help save energy.

Toshiba is aggressively developing all-encompassing energy systems that are environmentally friendly by combining energy saving products. These products include μEMS (Micro Energy Management System) for monitoring power efficiently, the high-performance Smart Meter, SCiB TM rechargeable batteries that charge quickly and last a long time, solar power generation systems, and power distribution equipment. The widespread use of Smart Grid systems will make electricity usage efficient and help reduce CO2 produced by all of society.

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