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GR-200 Series

The GR-200 Series is the new generation of Toshiba protection and control IEDs. Flexible adaptation is enabled using extensive hardware and module software combinations enabling an application oriented implementation based upon independent function blocks.

GR-200 Series


Intelligent Platform for Future Grid Applications

  • Protection & Control for Transmission & Distribution Networks.
  • Platform for Distributed and Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Process bus, Synchrophasor measurement, packet-based communications.
  • Basis for future systems and application development.

Extensive Hardware Options & Flexible Adaptation

  • Comprehensive Range of Hardware Components.
  • Main Processing/Computing Board with Enhanced Processor.
  • Wide variety of Binary Input & Output combinations
  • Plug-in Communication module.
  • Flexible hardware combinations to meet specific applications.
  • Standard LCD and touch type screes together with mimic option.

Function-wise Implementation

  • Library of Function blocks enables wide application for protection, control, measurement and other functions.
  • Protection elements and schemes.
  • Control schemes.
  • Metering and Recording functions.
  • Individual function blocks work independently.
  • Easy IED customization to add/delete particular function blocks.
  • Flexible implementation of new functions or to modify a specific function.

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  • Multiple/Modulation protection element
  • Control function.
  • Recording, time synchronization functions
  • Combined 1A/5A CT rating.
  • Wide range auxiliary supply voltage range
  • DC/AC auxiliary supply.
  • Configurable binary inputs and outputs.
  • Configurable LEDs(function and color).
  • Simulation and test function.
  • USB port for local PC connection.
  • Remote communication, remote setting and monitoring.
  • IEC61850, IEC60870-5-103, DNP3, Modbus RTU protocol.