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Prefabricated Substation

Our Prefabricated substation are factory assembled, fully tested and delivered as a complete solution to the customer, ready for service

Prefabricated Substation

The Compact Substation comprises of the following components:

  • MV Switchgear (SF, Ring Main Unit)
  • Hermetically Sealed distribution Transformer
  • LV Switchgear
  • Enclosure
  • Interconnections

Key Features:

  • Compact & robust construction
  • safe and reliable operation
  • Weather and vermin proof
  • Customized solution
  • Tested for internal arc


The distribution transformer conforms to IEC 60076-1 or 600726-11
The MV Switchgear and Control gear conforms to IEC 62271-200 and IEC 60694
The LV Switchgear and control gear conforms to IEC 60439-1


MV Switchgear : 12/24/36 kV Ring Main Unit, Extensible or Non Extensible
Transformer : HV - 12/24/36 kV, LV - 0.44kV, 1250 kVA
LV Switchgear : As per the requirement


Prefabricated Substation Units, in Metallic Enclosure, are used in Electricity Cable Distribution Networks, in Urban or Rural Areas, Public or Industrial Areas, Building Sites, Mining, Irrigation in Agriculture etc.

In the recent years, Prefabricated Substation Units are being increasingly used in alternative energy production installations, such as those based on Solar Energy, Wind Power, Bio-Fuels, Biomass, Geothermal, Tidal Power and Wave Power.

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