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Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Type VVMS)

(12 kV)

Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Type VVMS)

Indoor Switchgear of (Type VVMS) employs proven vacuum interrupter technology with motor operated spring mechanism matching M2 class(10,000 operations), meeting the requirements of national and international specifications. Available with optional features like Bus connected VT, Feeder connected VT, Bus coupler arrangement, Busbar cable box, Rear extension chamber, Series Trip Coil, Two Trip Coil, etc. as per customer requirement. Our Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers are designed and type tested conforming to relevant IS/IEC Standards.

These products are being manufactured at TTDI Switchgear plant (Rudraram, Hyderabad), where TTDI is known for quality and consistency.

Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Type VVMS 12 / 250
Rated Voltage 12 kV
Rated Current Upto 1250 A
1 min. power frequency voltage 28 kV / 35 kV rms
Lightning impulse voltage 75 kV Peak
Rated Short time withstand current 25 kA rms / 3 sec
Rated Short circuit making current 62.5 kA Peak
Rated operating duty cycle o-0.3 sec-CO-3 min-CO
Contact life 12 kV
* Mechanical 30,000 operations
* At normal rated current 20,000 operations
* At full short circuit current 100 operations

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