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1. Hight Voltage Switchgears

Provide both GIS and AIS system with compact and sophisticated design, but robust enough to survive in the most hostile environment which are being used everywhere from mountainous sites to congested metropolitan areas.
Hight Voltage Switchgears

2. Distribution Systems

Toshiba has been providing highly reliable switchgear since starting production of metal-clad enclosed switchgear cubicle in 1926, and has continued to develop many products for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, since developing the first vacuum circuit breaker, Toshiba has continued to accumulate expertise in vacuum switch technology building a reputation as a leading company in the production of vacuum components. Along with these technologies, Toshiba is developing products that are not only highly reliable, but are made with recyclable materials and have a low environment impact.
Distribution Systems

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3. Power Transformers

To deal with the growing demand of electric power and various requirements, Toshiba has been upgrading transformer capacity and its voltage with the latest technology, and has developed gas insulated transformer (GIT) and advanced site assembly transformer (ASA). The reliability of Toshiba's transformer with excellent technology and high-quality fabrication is highly appreciated all over the world.
Power Transformers

4. Surge Arresters

For over 80 years Toshiba has continuously endeavored to improve surge arrester technology and product quality, and has achieved positive results in manufacturing and employing the world beating techniques. Toshiba provides various type of surge arrester for both substation and transmission line application and wide range of voltage level.
Surge Arresters

5. Protection & Control Systems

Toshiba provides complete solutions for protection, control and automation of power networks at all transmission and distribution voltage levels. Our innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology give you cost-effective and user-friendly products, while our high-quality manufacturing facilities guarantee years of reliable and maintenance-free service.
Protection & Control Systems

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6. Battery Energy Storage Systems

Toshiba designs and delivers BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) using Toshiba batteries (SCiBâ„¢) for Frequency regulation, Voltage regulation, Generator scheduling, Peak Cut (Demand), Power balancing, Islanding & Power supply and in all the applications in which is requested a high lifetime, power intensive and high number of spikes.
Battery Energy Storage Systems

7. HVDC & Power Electronics

Toshiba can deliver HVDC systems and FACTS equipment with world class quality and reliability to greatly contribute to assuring stability on electric power distribution networks.
HVDC & Power Electronics

8. FTK/TK Projects

Toshiba has supplied a wide range of Full Turn Key (FTK) and Turn Key (TK) substations to clients all over the world. Quality is your assurance as Toshiba FTK project teams are accredited through the internationally recognized quality assurance standard of ISO9001 which cover key management processes such as procurement control, design of substation systems, project schedule control, site coordination, and commissioning works.
FTK/TK Projects