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Major Milestones

1984 The Italian Finmeccanica company Ansaldo created a division to manage Transmission & Distribution turnkey projects.
2001 The division became a Company: Ansaldo T&D
2007 Finmeccanica sold Ansaldo T&D to TILI group (EPC company);
2011 Toshiba bought the 67% of the property by TILI group and name has been changed in Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Europe.
2013 Toshiba bought the remaining 33% of the property by TILI group

In 2011 the strategic Alliance between Ansaldo T&D and Toshiba Corporation created one of the world largest Integrated Electromechanical Industrial Groups, in Power Transmission & Distribution Systems

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Main Ongoing Projects:

  • HVDC Italy Montenegro
  • Algeria 220 kV GIS substations (Skikda, Arzew)
  • Algeria mobile GIS 220 kV substations
  • EU BEST PATHS DEMO 3 - demonstration project of VSC in ENEA SITE in Rome
  • Bosnia renewal of MV/LV networks, AMM & smart metering.