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Toshiba’s Transmission and Distribution Systems Group provides a variety of products such as Transformers, Switchgears, Surge Arresters, Protection Relays, Control systems and Distribution systems. These systems adequately control transmission and distribution in order to deliver reliable electricity to power plants, factories, transportation systems, and even to your home.

Toshiba has developed its technology and quality of transmission and distribution systems for over 100 years since we first began to manufacture power transformers in 1894 and switchgears in 1902. As a result of these developments, we have contributed to the excellent standards of the Japanese society where blackouts rarely occur. In recent years, we have expanded our manufacturing bases to various areas such as China, Brazil, and Vietnam to establish global supply centers for our products from these respective factories utilizing our advanced technology and high quality standards.

Our 1,000kV (UHV) power transmission technology, which was inspected through verification tests carried out by The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc., plays a major role in the AC UHV pilot systems in China. These are the world’s first UHV systems to be operational, which we proudly commenced in 2009. We will continue to contribute to supplying reliable energy all over the world.

Currently, Toshiba is participating in a number of Smart Grid pilot projects. This Smart Grid System allows us to integrate various dispersed power generation systems such as solar power, wind power, and fuel cells into the electrical network. Furthermore, the IT network is used to obtain load information from various consumers such as buildings, factories and homes. This system enables us to not only use renewable energy effectively, but also to reduce energy loss during the energy distribution process and to stabilize energy supply.

Our vast experience and continued expansion has allowed us to gain immense appreciation and trust from customers around the globe. With our wide range of innovative technology ranging from products that reduce environmental impact to Smart Grid systems, we will continue to serve the people and the planet that we call home.

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